Saturday, July 19, 2008

Training Video 2

Sometimes we all need to be beaten into shape, because we're too lazy to get in shape ourselves. Here's a fun way to beat the flab, and look good in a bikini!Jab/Crosses (Do 4 rounds of 30, aiming to get gradually faster)Jab with your left handCross with your right

Make sure your wrists go straight out from your arm and your arm goes straight out at chin height, aiming for your opponent's mitt, protecting your jaw and your ribs at all timesRotate your hips with each jab and cross Jab/Cross/Push-ups (Good cardio workout, do 10 rounds)Jab/Cross as above twiceDrop to the floor for 4 push-upsJab/Cross/Duck (Repeat for about 2 minutes)

Jab/Cross for four and then duck (Ducking: keep your feet apart -- the aim is to avoid the punch coming from an opponent above your head by using your legs to squat down under your opponent's swing. Keep your eyes on the mitt and do not move your upper body.)Remember, no slacking or you're off to Siberia! Girls, you won't need your bikinis there...

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