Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The cool way to fight Fat

CoolSculpting: Fat removal by freezing

This year has seen some really exciting developments in the field of non-invasive weight, beauty and age management. Of these breakthroughs, the Zeltiq (pronounced Zel-teek) CoolTouch or CoolSculpting procedure is one of the most thrilling, because it is so completely different. Until now, procedures for fat removal have focused on melting, bombarding and sucking _ then came CoolTouch.


Where did it come from?

Two years ago, doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital noticed that a technique _ originally designed to cool the skin before undergoing other dermatological procedures _ was actually having a profound effect in itself.

They saw that by precise and controlled cooling, fat cells are destroyed without injuring the skin or surrounding tissue _ as with invasive procedures like liposuction. Read more...

Lose weight quick

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