Friday, November 11, 2011

How can stress, as a diagnosis made by my GP, be treated?

There are four ways to treat stress:
โ€ข The obvious, most successful, but hardest to achieve, is removing the cause of the stress. If your mortgage repayments are in arrears, winning the Pools will solve your problems and remove the stress, but this is a solution for the minority, not the majority. Marriage stress is probably one of the most difficult forms of stress to remove, as bitterness and wrangling over children and property may last for many years aftef a divorce.

The next, and most practical way to deal with stress is to rationalise it. This can involve a combination of several different techniques. Talking is an excellent way of relieving anxiety. Discuss the problem with your spouse, relatives, friends, doctor, work mates or anyone else who will listen. Problems often do not appear as insurmountable once bought into the open. Writing down the details of the problem is another excellent way of telieving anxiety. An insurmountable problem in your mind often appears more manageable on paper, particularly when all your possible options ate diagrammatically attached, to enable a rational view of the situation to be obtained. Read more...

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