Thursday, September 1, 2011 scam in Thailand scam in Thailand;

recently we bought a satellite dish from the Powersat Co. Ltd. in Chiang Mai, distributor of dynasat;

I will warn everyone thinking twice to buy any equipment from this company; they are fake; you will have only limited channels for THB 6.000; most channels are blocked; requesting a special card to access this channels; in many phone calls we requesting by you have such card and they are inform us they don't have; so be very careful of this scam; we did a protocol by the Thai police; they are smiling ABOUT; I just want everyone warn of this scam; we will file this case also to the customer protection agency, but we are think we have a little success, what we red so far about the agency success;

I invite every press, local TV station to schedule a appointment where I return our equipment this Powersat shop in Chiang Mai not in the gentle way; it seems like to work; I saw in the news before; people hit her car with the sledge hammer to get attention to get the car repaired;

I just want to return my satellite equipment what is mostly useless and will warn everyone, getting the same expierence, what I went trough; think twice AND STAY AWAY!

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