Friday, June 25, 2010

Clementine Art, the natural alternative to toxic art supplies

Paints, glues, crayons, markers: many of these things purchased conventionally contain artificial chemical dyes, petrochemicals and other unknown ingredients, despite bearing a non-toxic label. Millions of children use such art supplies every day in preschool, art class and at home, and are unwittingly exposed to unknown levels of contaminants. Fortunately, there is a safe alternative.

Diana Mercer is a teacher of young children in art and founder of Clementine Art, a natural children's art supply company. For many years, she has helped children express their creative intuitions through art, but became concerned over what hidden ingredients might be lurking in the supposed non-toxic art supplies she was using. She began to create her own art supplies from the natural ingredients in her kitchen as an alternative, which eventually birthed into Clementine Art. Read more...
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