Saturday, October 18, 2008

Health Tip: Choose a Safe Halloween Costume

(HealthDay News) -- Before you and your child head out for a night of trick or treat, make sure you choose a Halloween costume that will keep your child safe.

The U.S. National Safety Council offers these suggestions:

  • Only choose costumes that are flame-retardant.

  • Choose loose-fitting costumes so your child can wear warm clothes underneath.

  • Make sure your child's costume is the right length. Costumes that are too long can cause your child to trip and fall.

  • If your child will be out after dark, make sure the costume is reflective, or you can add strips of reflective tape.

  • Use makeup instead of a mask, which could obstruct your child's vision.

  • If your child does wear a mask, make sure that it has large holes around the eyes, mouth and nose.

  • If your child is carrying an accessory such as a sword or knife, make sure it is made of a soft, flexible material.

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