Monday, October 20, 2008

For Diabetics, Flu Shot Is a Must

By Sean Kelley

Even if you take insulin every day (as I do), plunging a needle into your skin never gets comfortable—which is why I try to avoid additional, unnecessary pokes.
Until this year, I’ve always put the flu vaccine in that category.

I don’t get the flu and I seldom get colds. Plus, the few times I’ve had the vaccine I’ve felt miserable, something I have in common with other people who get the flu shot. (Read this before you get the flu shot.)

But avoiding the flu vaccine because I don’t like extra sticks or because I feel bad for a few days may be irresponsible. Diabetics need to get the flu shot, says Dr. Tony Fiore, an epidemiologist and flu expert with the Centers for Disease Control. Read More

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