Monday, September 22, 2008

Gluten-Free Options Allow My Allergic Son to Eat Cookies

By Sean Kelley

The hardest thing about cooking for a child with multiple-food allergies isn’t avoiding ingredients—it’s finding substitutions for them. Nowhere is this a bigger deal than in baking.
Graeme is allergic to three things used in a lot of baked products: wheat, egg whites, and corn (corn starch is in baking powder, and corn syrup is in most vanilla extract).

When my wife and I first found out that Graeme had allergies, I tried using alternatives to wheat like rye and sorghum, and alternatives to eggs like flaxseed meal. But baking is more science than simple substitution. We’ve had to toss gooey cookies, flat bread that wasn’t supposed to be flat, and a number of confections too dense to be consumed. Read More

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