Thursday, March 13, 2008

Health Tip: If Your Child is a Vegetarian

(HealthDay News) -- If your child is a vegetarian, it's important to make sure that he or she eats a varied, balanced and healthy diet.

Here are some guidelines, courtesy of the U.S. National Library of Medicine:
  • For children up to age 1, breast milk or a fortified, soy formula should be the primary source of nutrition.
  • Do not limit dietary fat for children younger than age 2.
  • Young children should drink plenty of milk or a fortified substitute to make sure they get enough calcium, protein, vitamin D and riboflavin.
  • Give your child a vitamin B12 supplement if no animal products are eaten.
  • Make sure your child gets plenty of iron from foods such as spinach, raisins, iron-fortified cereals and whole grains, prunes and prune juice.

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